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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Used cherry blossom stamp,
copic markers, Hot off the
Press dazzle, and
background papers.

I am totally excited today.  I received an order for my handmade cards (21) after setting up my on-line store a year ago.  I really enjoy this type papercrafting.  I think I like making a scene for children's cards more than any other type. Here are two examples:

Background is blue cardstock
and green paper, decorated
with stickers, birds in the sky
is hand drawn, chalked the
clouds, the green paper was
cut with a jagged edge craft


  1. Congratulations on your big order for your cards! Thats wonderful.

  2. Did you create those cards and then have them printed, our what? Sometimes I think about creating a line of cards with my doodle work.

  3. Rick, I do put the pieces together from papers, embelishments,and stamps. I don't print them, I seem to like one of a kind.